Naturally San Diego’s Holiday Gift Guide

Naturally San Diego Holiday Gift Guide

Think global, support local 🤓


Naturally San Diego gathered some awesome products from up and coming brands based right here at home. Check out these 10 curated gifts from within the NSD community.

Use this list while shopping for your family and friends, and for when you need to bring something special to the party. Not only will you be bringing a unique local item, but you can feel extra accomplished for supporting local businesses this holiday season.

Always remember to shop local, think global, and act with kindness 💚


1) The Sipwell Holiday Gift Pack    

This custom Sipwell gift pack is the perfect holiday gift for your favorite wine-loving friend. Each 6 or 12 pack includes a sampler of our award-winning sustainable wines, tasting notes & food pairings for each wine, sticker pack, and option for a handwritten gift note on foil-printed holiday card.


2) Little ‘Cado’ Avocado Patio Tree gift package             

Fabulous dwarf avocado tree professionally planted and delivered in a stylish container. But first, there is a fancy gift basket with personalized Tree Tag and greeting card! Then, when your giftees are ready, we delivered and place the tree. Planting love. Growing memories.


3) Cromchies Amaranth Wafer Cookies           

Cromchies are amaranth wafer cookies made with only natural ingredients and a twist of fun. They are vegan, sugar-free and packed with amaranth, a superfood grain and the best part of all…. you will be satisfied with just one serving. We currently have 4 different flavors amaranth, berries, chocolate and coffee.


4) Gear Hugger Multipurpose Lubricant    

Gear Hugger Multipurpose lubricant is Plant-powered, non-toxic lubricant to keep your gear going longer.


5) I Eat My Greens: Build Your Own 7-Pack Subscription Plan + Free Toppings + Surprise Gifts

This pack contains 7 (20oz) pouches with 2.5 servings each. Equal to 17.5 servings. Choose 7 of your favorite soup flavors and enjoy your veggies like never before!


6) Beauty Fusion Chocolate Travel Pack

Beauty Fusion Single Serve Packets are a great way to stay consistent with fueling your beauty with essential nutrients on-the-go. Beauty Fusion is the first all-in-one beauty nutrition formula powered by 5 key types of food-sourced collagen, 11 clinically-proven beauty ingredients, and flavored with whole-food nutrients to support healthy skin, hair, and nails.


7) CHUZA Spicy Nopal        

“Dried nopal spiced with our signature chili powder to create the perfect blend of spicy.

The nopal (cactus) is one of the fundamental symbols of Mexico. Apparently, the Gods told the Aztecs to build their city where they saw an eagle on a cactus eating a serpent (it is part of Mexicos flag). It is considered la planta de vida (life-giving plant) as it seems

to live forever.”


8) With Pixie Organic Vegetable Powders

9 out of 10 kids don’t eat enough vegetables. With Pixie organic vegetable powders make it easy to add real veggies to all kinds of everyday foods!


9) !MPROV Booze-Free Tropical Mai Tai    

!MPROV Booze-Free Tropical Mai Tai is vacation in a can. Enjoy this tropical getaway straight from the can if you’re going dry or spike with your favorite spirit if you’re not. We make the drinks, you call the shots!

Find !MPROV Booze-Free Mai Tai at Total Wine & More throughout San Diego County! And at the NSD Holiday Happy Hour on December 14th.


10) Sweetduet Variety Giftbox        

This variety giftbox includes four of organic dark chocolate dipped unadulterated dried fruits: apricot, dates, mango, and pineapple. San Diego local! Buy them online or grab them at your nearest Jimbo’s Naturally!


11) Amaranth Chips


Amazing Amaranth Chips are crispy, light, airy and great for dipping. 100% plant based ingredients, Vegan and GF Certified.


Happy Holidays from the Naturally San Diego Community!


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