Amazon 101 Tour at Luminize Marketing

On June 6, A group of member brands from Naturally San Diego got an exclusive tour of LUMINIZE MARKETING, San Diego’s Premier Ecommerce Amazon Marketplace Partner.

Luminize CEO Sid Mikhail is a board member of Naturally San Diego. With a background in brick and mortar grocery stores, Sid Mikhail gained valuable insight when he made the transition to selling on Amazon in the early 2000’s. Setting himself apart from his competitors, he took care of every aspect of the process himself, using his own resources to label and list products, as well as create shipments. This hands-on experience provided him with a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements needed to succeed on Amazon.

As he partnered with national brands and gained referrals, he eventually founded Luminize in 2017. This full-service agency assists brands in growing on Amazon by utilizing their own Seller Central account. He recognizes that every brand has a unique story and uses his expertise to help each one navigate the platform and reach their specific goals.

Sid walked our group through the Amazon warehouse,  which has successfully managed more than 2.2 billion in revenue, labeled over 10 million individual ASINS, shipped over 10,000 tons of merchandise to Amazon FBA, and introduced over 20,000 new products while updating listing attributes.

🔎 Secrets to Scaling: Attendees gained valuable insights into Luminize Marketing’s proven strategies on discovery, relevancy, and customer experience.

🔎 Keeping your Brand alive and thriving on Amazon: We how the team leverages data analytics, advanced tools, and market intelligence to optimize listings, increase visibility, and outperform the competition.

🔎 Amazon Operation Understanding: Everything from search engine optimization to customer succession, Luminize knows how to speak the language(s) that Amazon and customers listen to

🔎 Success Stories and Case Studies: We were inspired by success stories of brands that have worked with Luminize including Sambucol, Organic India, earthbath & More.

Thank you all who joined!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, follow LUMINIZE MARKETING to learn more about their offerings.

Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to up your ecommerce game 👍 

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