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We are so grateful for all the support of each and every one of you who have helped us grow and foster Naturally San Diego, since its launch in mid-2020. We are so excited to share with you some exciting opportunities to get more involved with our growing organization. Click the video to learn more!


Members who apply for these positions will have a chance to work alongside some of our founding board members and assist in carrying out essential responsibilities for the organization. Each member will be expected to contribute around 8-10 hours a month to Naturally San Diego. If you are interested in applying, please read the summary of each committee and complete the application below. The current committee chairs will review applications, and you will be contacted if selected to move forward with the application process.

Programming Committee – The goal of this committee provide value to both members and sponsors by assisting in NSD event planning and execution.

Responsibilities include:

  • Virtual event planning and coordination
  • Prospect new speakers for Founder Series & Office Hours
  • Watch past events and offer recommendations
  • Monthly brainstorm/committee meeting which will include ideation and topics for upcoming themes and speakers

Marketing Committee- The goal of this committee is to create and share informational materials to spark event attendance and community updates within the organization.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist in creating promotional materials for NSD events
  • Find ways to cross-promote NSD
  • Help facilitate sponsorship deliverables
  • Share and promote events within our internal and external community

Membership Committee- The goal of this committee is to build, sustain and grow member engagement. (There are two types of roles within this committee)

Membership Officer

Responsibilities Include:

  • Host new member “meet & greet” every 6 weeks.
  • Zoom technician for Coffee & Convos event

Membership Affiliate

Responsibilities Include:

  • Connect and welcome new members
  • Post in the Slack channel 5X a week
  • Use personal network to educate and excite others about NSD
  • Communicate opportunities within the community
  • Attend monthly membership brainstorm meeting
  • Attend NSD events whenever possible
  • New member “mentor” – Introduce yourself to new members
    • This list will be divided and sent out on the 15th and 30th of each month

Sponsorship Committee – The goal of this committee is to assist in retaining and prospecting Naturally San Diego sponsors.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Put all information into Sponsorship Tracking Funnel
  • You will be assigned to different sponsors to stay up to date on anything we may have missed ie. info from their website, newsletters, and social pages.
  • Create a monthly list of sponsor prospects to share at each board meeting
    • If a board member is a current contact, they will reach out. If not, the sponsorship committee will reach out.

Finance Committee– The goal of this committee is to ensure the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to our community.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Track sponsorship dollars’ input and output
  • Accounts Payable: Manage invoicing and spend on CC/checks
  • Tracking board and committee spends – allocating funds
  • Accounts Receivable: W-9s, invoicing, and tax forms

This past year has been a record-breaking one for CPG natural products, particularly the smaller, emerging brands in the natural foods space, that are quickly capturing market share, as consumers look to support passionate entrepreneurs and local brands serving up delicious, nutritious food and beverages. 

With our community at the heart of everything we do, at Naturally San Diego, we are proud to announce our first annual, virtual Pitch Slam on Thursday, April 8th at 4 pm!

On April 8th, finalists will go head-to-head in this shark-tank-style broadcast of Southern California’s most promising group of natural products brands.

In its inaugural year, Naturally San Diego’s live-hosted and virtually-broadcast Pitch Slam will give natural products entrepreneurs the stage to pitch their up-and-coming companies to a panel of experts and audience members, ultimately winning a suite of prizes from our local San Diego community to help propel their industry growth!


Your Pitch Slam registration will include:

  • A front-row seat/screen to watch the best and brightest emerging natural brands in SoCal pitch their products.
  • A celebratory sample box filled with products & swag from our Pitch Slam finalists and our very own Naturally San Diego Sponsors.
  • An exclusive invitation to a pre-pitch slam happy hour, on the evening of April 7th, to mix and mingle with industry colleagues across SoCal.

Once registered, you will receive more information about the pre-event happy hour and how to join the live stream on April 8th, so stay tuned for updates!

For questions about Naturally San Diego, the pitch slam or sponsorship opportunities please contact

Meet Our Pitch Slam Judges


Our panel of experts will hear Shark-Tank-style pitches from our Pitch Slam finalists, recorded live in front of our Naturally San Diego Community, with a live Q&A before selecting the winner of the Grand Prize

Retail space in Jimbo’s, Seaside Market, Jensens & Cream of the Crop, a booth at Natural Products Expo East, and more than $25k worth of professional business services, from our Naturally San Diego sponsors and network. 

Happy pitching!






As of March 8, 2021, all applications have been received and finalists will be selected.

Criteria for brand eligibility:

  • Business is located in Southern California (South of Bay Area)
  • Annual retail sales are no greater than $2M in revenue (demonstrated revenue is required)
  • Product(s) have been in the market for at least a year (but fewer than 4 years)
  • Product(s) are produced in a licensed facility
  • Business can provide liability insurance and samples to judges
  • Brand representatives are available to pitch their brand, in the slam, at the end of March

Eligible brands should complete a Pitch Slam Application before 12:00 AM PST on Sunday, March 7, 2021. We can’t wait to hear from the future of CPG

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